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  • Buying a Ticket - SunRail will feature state-of-the-art ticket vending machines (TVMs). Each TVM is ADA compliant, with operating controls identified and labeled in Braille. Each TVM also features a voice module with easy-to-follow interactive voice instructions. 50% discounts for the disabled certified by LYNX and Votran are available on daily, weekly, monthly and annual passes. A 10 percent bonus is added to purchases of all prepaid value cards.
  • ADA Vehicle Amenities - SunRail features coach and cab cars that are ADA compliant.
  • Mini-High Platforms - Each station will have mini-high platform ramps to make boarding SunRail a cinch.
  • Wheelchair Lifts - SunRail trains also will be equipped with wheelchair lifts and audio enhancements. Each lift is 30” wide x 48” long. A conductor will be on board all SunRail trains for assistance.
  • Flip Up Seats - SunRail trains will have flip up seats that will accommodate passengers who use wheelchairs or bicycles throughout the lower level.
  • Restrooms - SunRail provides accessible restrooms that include grab bars, mirrors and sinks with lever-operated faucets.
  • Service Animals - Service animals that are trained to perform a specific task for the benefit of a person with a disability are welcome onboard all SunRail trains at no additional charge.

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